Timbuktu is the perfect place to experience the many different aspects of Africa. We would like to present you with a vivid picture of Africa and arouse your interest in the diversity of the continent.

Discover the creativity of Africa in Timbuktu.


Our books will draw your attention to authors who have made significant contributions to world literature which are well worth reading. Also visit our own publishing house


We are also committed to exchanging art with Africa and organize several exhibitions of classical and modern art from Africa each year. We are also often contacted by galleries and institutions wishing to cooperate with us on projects or exhibitions.


(utensils, masks, figures, statuettes, jewellery... etc.)
We stock a large number of handmade pieces representing both traditional forms and more recent developments in African art.

Music Instruments

If you are interested in musical instruments, Timbuktu is the place for you: we will be more than happy to show you our traditional, handmade drums and percussion instruments from different african countries.We guarantee first class professional quality.

Accessories for the Home

Our Akan stools are carved by Ghanaian expert craftsmen following long-standing traditions, whereas other pieces of furniture, such as wrought-iron tables and sofa frames, represent modern African interior design. Also our textiles will bring the colours of Africa into your home.


Several times each year, we organize readings, discussion rounds or exhibitions which help you make new discoveries and bring you a step closer to Africa, whether this is through music, literature, art or politics. We look forward to seeing you in Timbuktu soon.